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Student Administration

The Medical School Administration System (MedSAS) provides an online administration system that monitors student progression throughout the MBBS course and presents staff with pertinent student information.
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With students’ and staff located at 18 disperse sites within the region MedSAS provides centralised student information ensuring timely, accurate and secure information exchange and communication between collaborating organisations.

MedSAS is administered by university and hospital staff via a secure web based system. Student data is collated daily from Newcastle University central systems to provide the most up-to-date information. In addition MedSAS collaborates with other LTMS systems, such as Learning Support Environment (LSE) and Teaching Support Environment (TSE), to generate MBBS specific information for the benefit of students and staff.

Key Features
* searching for students and content
* assessment profile, for transcript of study
* PDF reporting on selected groups of students
* email and SMS services
* individual and group monitoring
* GP practice and hospital allocation
* meetings and general notes against a student
* scanned and uploaded resources

* approximately 1800 current MBBS students, 700 based at region hospitals, across 5 academic years
* over 25,000 recorded entries
* 17,000 digital documents stored
* Covers 18 different sites (2 universities and 16 hospitals)
* collaboration of data with the MBBS Learning Support Environment (LSE) and Teaching Support Environment (TSE)

* monitoring student progression throughout the MBBS course, identifying positive and negative performance
* the ability to share pertinent student information across disperse sites
* flexible management of student data for individuals and groups
* effective communication with students and staff
* provides collaboration data with other LTMS systems
* ability to generate customised reports
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