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SSC Selection

This service provides the MB BS course with an online selection and management tool, although a competitive selection process is chosen for this element of the course based on student feedback over the years it has run most of the student selections are completed within 10 minutes.
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The management interface either in adding the options for student selection or using the many reporting functions saves a vast amount of staff resource during this period of the course.

The Student Selected Components in Stage 4 is a unique part of the curriculum, and provides a real opportunity for students to have individual choice in what they study. The SSC periods last for a total of 21 weeks (18 weeks of study, comprising three 6-week SSC periods, and three weeks of assessment). SSC's provide students with the opportunity to explore a new subject which has not been previously studied (this may be medical or non-medical), or to consolidate an area of learning that has already been encountered. It may be that the student may want to sample a branch of medicine which attracts them as a future career. Many of the topics offered on the web-based database are designed to offer specialist areas of Medicine which are not dealt with in detail in the Core Curriculum; others however, are much broader, general topics. Non medical topics, including foreign languages and history of medicine, are also available. Irrespective of the topic, chosen students are expected to spend some time in self-directed learning. This ‘guided discovery learning’ is very much part of the GMC’s philosophy and is something which is embedded in the overall aims and objectives of the Newcastle curriculum.
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