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Postgraduate Student Attendance (overseas)

We have provided a simple and effective solution to a difficult and potentially sensitive problem for both the university and graduate school.
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In line with the UK Border Agency immigration rules the University has an obligation to monitor attendance and report on absences of international students. It is extremely important that the university takes this task seriously as the UKBA as failure to make appropriate reports to the UKBA could result in the loss of the University's licence to admit international students. Monitoring students on taught programmes is relatively easy because they are more likely to be attending regular lectures and seminars. However, for research students it can be particularly difficult to manage because they are effectively managing their own timetable. The overseas postgraduate student monitoring system has been set up in response to this issue.

On a monthly basis supervisors are emailed with a web link that is unique to them and time limited. Following this link provides a list of their students and they simply have to tell us which ones they have seen in the last 28 days. If a student is on a leave of absence for a few months they can even tell us that and they won't need to record their attendance until the student returns. At the end of the month a further email is sent to research institutes and the graduate school to inform them of the students who have not been marked as having attended so that they can follow these up manually.
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