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Postgraduate Research ePortfolio

The Postgraduate Research ePortfolio at Newcastle is among the most successful of the considerable number of ePortfolio implementations and Projects that LTMS have been involved in.
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Starting from humble roots within the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the ePortfolio has grown to become a compulsory and key component of all PhD courses at Newcastle University, having been accepted by all three faculties as the preferred method of Personal Development Planning.

Since 2008, the Progression elements of the PhD Programme have been available electronically through the ePortfolio and since 2009 students have been expected to complete their progression online through their ePortfolio. This has resulted in further uptake of other parts of the ePortfolio by many students, and has even resulted in greater uptake of undergraduate ePortfolios due to the increase in awareness of ePortfolios as a service and through the university Strategic Fund Project that LTMS were successfully awarded partly due to the success of the Postgraduate ePortfolio.

The Postgraduate ePortfolio has been tailor-made to fit the requirements of a PhD student. It is quite different to the portfolio available to medical students, dental students or other undergraduates. This linking of the system to pedagogy has been key to the success of the LTMS-developed ePortfolio systems as we have always aimed to make our systems fit the requirements of the learner rather than attempting to fit the pedagogy to an off-the-shelf system and this is quite apparent when comparing the postgraduate ePortfolio to our many undergraduate implementations.
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