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Lecture Capture (ReCAP)

ReCap is a lecture and event-recording service.
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LTMS continue to play a major role in this University-wide initiative, and have been involved since its initiation as a CETL4HeathNE project. This includes working with NHS Trusts which support clinical teaching for the MB BS programme.

ReCap allows audio and visual material, including the lecturer's voice, presentation slides and visualised documents, to be recorded and published online in an automated, easy-to-use process.

ReCap has mainly been used to record traditional didactic lectures, though it is not technically restricted to such use. Lecture recording has been widely adopted in the UK and internationally, as research has shown that making lectures more accessible has many benefits for both students and staff.

These including aiding revision, balancing study with work or family commitments, managing timetable clashes, assisting students with disabilities, and facilitating the delivery of lecture materials to distance learners. Students can pause and resume recordings, a particularly useful feature for those whose first language is not English.

Lecture recording allows staff to improve classroom productivity, for example by giving students content to review pre- or post-class, and allowing more time for face-to-face discussion. They can also improve the quality of their teaching by reviewing their own performance, use the tehnology to help train junior staff, better co-ordinate class material with colleagues, and generate a lecture portfolio.

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