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Learning Support Environment

The MBBS Learning Support Environment (LSE) provides online delivery of curricula support materials across a regional medical school.
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The Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University has been successfully using online support environments for over ten years. In response to expanding medical student numbers, new medical curricula, changing policies and user requirements the services developed by ‘Learning Technologies for Medical Sciences’ (LTMS) have had to be both adaptive and responsive in their evolution. LTMS's developments of the LSE have been driven by existing users of the service, through a combination of focus groups, evaluations utilising online questionnaires and communications with all user levels.

The LSE makes extensive use of the MBBS programme study guides/handbooks and corporate University data to provide a dynamic curriculum framework that includes:
* Custom homepages that summarise news and updates related to each user’s profile and location.
* Interactive clinical cases with media rich content, providing scenario based teaching.
* Flexible tools to support communications between tutor, tutees and small groups.
* Sharing of online teaching resources and support material with specific student groups.
* Interactive online guides, providing a vital delivery tool for all MBBS degree programme handbooks, stage handbooks and study guides.
* Discussion forums
* Online administration and delivery of:
   - assignment submissions,
   - formative assessments,
   - course evaluations
   - and student selected components.
* Electronic portfolios to enable students and lecturers to monitor progress
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