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The portfolio is used at the point of learning in clinics, where it supports assessment with instant and contextualised feedback, as well as facilitating reflective learning.
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A key advantage of the Web-based system over paper is that summaries of grades, procedures are always up to date and readily accessible through the ePortfolio. The portfolio can be accessed in clinics using mobile devices (laptops, PDAs etc). Students record their procedures and self assess, supervisors then also provide an assessment and feedback.

The ePortfolio for undergraduate dentistry drew on pedagogy from an existing paper-based portfolio developed at Newcastle University, School of Dental Sciences and built on technologies developed in an earlier dental project led by the School of Medical Education Development at Newcastle University beginning 2003.

The dental ePortfolio was successfully piloted in two clinical areas with Stage 3 dental undergraduates during the 2006/7 academic year. In 2007/2008 the portfolio was expanded to 6 clinical areas with Stage 3 and 4 students. The 2008/9 academic year saw the portfolio expanded to all clinical years.

Access to a web-based portfolio via mobile devices is an essential requirement within clinical situations. The implementation of mobile technologies for use with established wireless networks at Newcastle Dental School has been funded by CETL4HealthNE. This allows data entry at the point of care and facilitates immediate and contextual formative assessment and feedback.

We host the Dental portfolio and log book for partners in the UK and overseas. The unique nature of the ePortfolio has attracted significant interest from other Universities, and we are assisting the School of Dentistry in making sure these opportunities are taken full advantage of.

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