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The online progression system for postgraduate research students is used across all three faculties of the university and is a compulsory element of PhD programmes at Newcastle.
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As a key component of the Postgraduate Research ePortfolio, the eProgression system allows postgraduate research students (PhD and MRES) to complete their annual progression forms online. In previous years this process was a paper exercise and proved to be a very onerous and time consuming task for both the people involved in managing the process and those involved in completing the paperwork. The online solution has relieved much of the administrative burden, and has removed a number of the traditional bottlenecks that appeared within the paper version.

eProgression is just one part of the suite of services available within the postgraduate portfolio that are designed to replace much of the traditional paperwork completed during the course of PhD study including Project Approval and the Learning Agreement. Over the summer of 2010 we successfully piloted the online version of Project Approval, and this has become a university-wide system in 2010-2011.
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