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LTMS have been developing ePortfolios for over 10 years.
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Our experience in this area has been valued by many within the university, particularly in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, with ePortfolios provided by LTMS being used extensively across undergraduate and postgraduate education at Newcastle. In the Faculty of Medical Sciences ePortfolios are used in Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences. Our postgraduate ePortfolio is currently used by postgraduate researchers across the university and the progression element of that ePortfolio is currently a compulsory part of all PhD programmes at Newcastle.

The LTMS is internationally recognised as experts in the field of ePortfolios, having written numerous academic papers and presented at international conferences on this subject. Our expertise in this area has resulted in many externally funded projects including the JISC funded regional EPICS and EPICS 2 Projects which investigated the use of ePortfolios in various areas such as work-based learning and FE. One of the key outcomes of EPICS was integrating a number of interoperability standards into the ePortfolio, and this has since been extended by our involvement in the JISC funded PIOP projects through which we were among the key architects of the highly regarded and widely accepted Leap2A standard for ePortfolios.

LTMS were recently successful in winning a University Strategic Fund project which will further embed ePortfolios at Newcastle. This project is being managed centrally and will enhance support for ePortfolios at Postgraduate level, while improving uptake of ePortfolios in Undergraduate programmes.
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