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eDoctoring is one project in a nine-year educational collaboration between the School's Learning Technologies for Medical Sciences (LTMS) unit and the State of California Medical Schools, most importantly the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Davis. The project utilizes LTMSs extensive knowledge of database technology to underpin a web-based curriculum and a learner support system for learners who cannot attend seminars.

Using a highly interactive interface that recreates a doctor's examination room, eDoctoring aims to train doctors to provide patient care which is compassionate, high quality, and evidence based.
To date eDoctoring has produced materials covering:

  • clinical decision making,

  • the efficacy of screening for prostate cancer,

  • the value of shared decision making in patient care,

  • ethical, legal and social implications in patient care,
  • effective, compassionate and competent end of life care.

The project team has won additional funding from:

  • the American National Human Genome Research Institute to create learning materials which explore the ethical, legal and social issues surrounding the use of genomics in primary care

  • the American National Cancer Institute to look at issues surrounding end-of-life care.
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