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LTMS, School of Medical Sciences Education Development.

About LTMS

LTMS is part of the School of Medical Sciences Education Development at Newcastle University. We focus on developing innovative approaches for supporting teaching and learning in the Faculty of Medical Sciences and work closely with the wider University and external partners.

LTMS develop and support numerous systems around the Faculty (e.g. VLE for MBBS and MClinEd, MedSAS, ePortfolios for Dentistry, Bioscience and Postgraduate Research). We also provide tailored, academic IT skills teaching and resources for all undergraduates and postgraduate researchers in FMS. In addition to our Faculty role we also play a leading role in current University-wide T&L initiatives (e.g. RECAP lecture capture, OLAF online assessment, Postgraduate eProgression). Typically this is in close partnership with ISS, QuILT and stakeholders across the University.

LTMS bring in significant third strand income from R&D projects and hosting services for external partners. The technical and pedagogic outputs of these externally funded projects are fed back into Faculty systems. We engage with partners around the region as part of the CETL4HealthNE and other initiatives. LTMS has an international profile (including the 'eDoctoring project' in partnership with the University of California and regular contributions to the international ePortfolio community).

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